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What is a split reservation?
This is for a reservation where the number of hours for the reserved event is divided within the day. The hours of service are not continuous. Example (2pm-4pm and again from 7pm-9pm) Total of 4 hours.
How much does it cost for a split?
$50 (Reservation has 4 hour minimum)
Can we do a split run that's out of town?
No (However we can offer windshield time)
What is windshield time? How much does it cost?
It is the waiting time spent by the driver behind the wheel waiting and is applicable to out of town rides (e.g. customers book for a ride to a game or concert out of town and the driver will just wait till the event ends). The cost for windshield time is $50/hr.
When do we charge windshield time?
For the duration or hours the driver is simply sitting and waiting, the driver waits behind the wheel/windshield and we are not charging full price just $50/hr.
Do we carry Car seats?
Does it cost extra?
Yes, $25
Where can I find rates? , or you can also print out our Airport flat rate pdf located on our website under Airport Services.
What's the Weekday Minimum? Sedans? Limos? Trolleys?
Sedans, Limos, Trolleys: 3 hours before 6pm; 2 hours after 6pm
What's the Weekend Minimum? Sedans? Limos? Trolleys?
Sedans and Limos: 5 hours before 6pm; 3 hours after 6pm
Trolleys and Big Buses: 4 hours before 6pm; 3 hours after 6pm
Do we offer Wine tour packages? (Including box lunch?)
Yes for sedans, SUVs, and 6pax limo (only):
$435 for 5 hours on weekends and $375 for 5 hours on weekdays
We offer boxed lunches for $15 per person if they would like to order.
Do you offer group (shared) tours or only private tours?
tours? PRIVATE TOURS only (we offer luxury transportation and we work at your pace and want you to have a personalized experience).
How much are the tasting fees at the wineries? Varies
$10 - $15 (depending on the winery. Some wineries offer more tastings than others)
What's included in the Wine tour? (long answer)
Aside from the WT being a private tour that comes with the amenities that include ice, water, champagne, cheese, crackers and chocolates, we help our customers choose the wineries according to what they are looking for (large vineyard, small boutique tasting rooms, overlooking the valley, romantic wineries, etc.) specific to their likes and assist in making reservations as requested. We offer boxed lunches, or you can have lunch at any restaurant of your choice; we also keep menus in all of our vehicles in case our clients want to order something. (Chauffeur will pick up their food order at no cost) We also help our customers prepare their itinerary and make sure to answer questions if they have special requests or concerns. We have knowledgeable drivers that know the wine country. Ultimately, we ensure that we will provide the best wine tour experience for our customers.
How many wineries' can we visit in 5, 6 or 7 hours? (depends on pick up location)
If you are picked up from Santa Barbara going to the Wine Valley, it would take about 45 minutes each way so in 5 hours, we suggest about 3 wineries (for 6 hours: 4 wineries and 7 hours: 5 wineries). However, if you are picked up within the Wine Valley, it would only take about 10-15 minutes for arrival to first winery so they could essentially visit more vineyards can be visited.
Is lunch something we offer? If so, what?
Yes we offer $15 boxed lunches which they can pre-order and it will be picked up by the chauffeur on the day of the wine tour. The partner company is Fresco Café and the boxed lunch includes bottled water, sandwich, dessert and side salad. (Menu is on our wine tour page)
Do we offer any discounts? If so, what?
Yes, $50 Sunday discount (must have a minimum of 5 hour reservation), and if you book for 6 or more hours, we offer an additional hour for free We call this our 6 for 7 deal.
What size group requires winery reservations?
7 or more people
How do you map out a wine tour and schedule the wineries?
Each winery visit would take between 45min-1 hour,(depending on the size of the group and your leisure). We can also help set of winery reservations for your group is needed.
Do we offer tours of Santa Barbara? Scenic Tours?
Yes (however not on Saturdays).
Where do we go on the tours?
Old Mission, Courthouse, The Riviera, State Street, Stearns Wharf, Beaches etc.
What vehicles typically work best for a wedding? Shuttling?
Shuttles, E350 vans, Mega Bus & Trolleys
Can we do multiple pick ups and drop offs?
Yes if paying by the hour. (Transfers) Fee is $20 for each stop. $10 if they're close to each other.
What do we require to book a reservation?
Pick-up time and location, brief itinerary, best contact # on the day of, credit card to hold the reservation... but you can pay cash on the day of if they choose.
Do we charge the card on hold? or when do we charge the card?
On the reserved date after service is complete. You can also you a different card, or pay with cash. It's up to you.
Do we require deposits for reservations?
Can people decorate their vehicles prior to their reservations?
Can people bring their own snacks or alcohol aboard? A keg of beer?
Yes, and yes (keg of beer for buses only).
Is there an additional fee for alcohol?
Is there a cleaning fee for the limos?
Generally no clean up fee is charged unless the vehicle is left in extremely bad condition; that would be a $50 cleaning fee. $150 for vomits or anything very messy.
Do we have a cancellation policy or fee?
Yes, $100 cancellation fee if you decide to cancel within 10 days of the reserved date. For vehicles that carry 20 or more passengers, the fee is $150. No cancellation fees for transfers (24hr notice needed).
What is your policy on minors in the vehicle?
No drinking. Alcohol is allowed in the vehicle as long as only persons 21 and over are drinking.
Do we allow dogs in the taxi-cabs? In luxury sedans? Smoking?
Yes we allow small dogs or pets. No smoking allowed. ($50 cleaning for dogs in Luxury cars & Limos)
What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash or credit card (corporate check for accounts).
Wedding reservations are stressful and complicated? What are extra measures that need to be taken to avoid problems?
To avoid problems, we need to get these important details for a wedding:
  • Number of guests or passengers
  • determine what type of vehicle or vehicles needed
  • Specific times with detailed itinerary
  • Wedding planner's name & phone number
  • A signed CC authorization form
(For shuttling large groups we suggest parking at a nearby church or school parking lot)
What's the difference between an hourly rate and a transfer rate? Why don't we charge hourly rates on transfers?
An hourly rate is the hourly price rate given for a type of vehicle rented by the hour; while a transfer rate is a flat rate price, regardless of the number of hours or day of service. We don't charge hourly rates on transfers because it is already a flat rate that includes the round-trip that the driver makes to and from the given location.
Do we offer Military discounts? Or non-profit discounts? Student discounts?
Yes 10% for military & student discounts (ask management about non-profit pricing)
Do we offer corporate accounts? If so, how are they set up and how does the billing work?
Yes, the billing is set up on a monthly basis and we invoice the company at the end of each month. We usually keep a credit card on file but corporate accounts can also pay by check.
What is the automatic or standard gratuity given to Sedan and Limo drivers? How about Trolley & Bus drivers?
It's a percentage 15-20%.
Can you customize a wine tour to include the specific wineries that I want to see?
Yes, and we do it quite often. Just let us know which wineries you are interested in at the time you place your reservation, and we will set it all up.
Where do your tours depart from and at what times?
The beauty of our personalized service is that it is tailored to your needs. We will pick you up and drop you off from wherever you are. You dictate the times you'd like the tour to begin and end.
When do I pay for my service?
There are two standard methods to make a payment for your transportation. First, the most convenient method is to make payment with a card on file. Secondly, you can pay the driver directly at the time of your trip by cash or credit card. (We will still need a credit card when you make the reservation in order to reserve your vehicle.)
But I want to pay in cash—do you still need my credit card info?
Yes, all reservations for transportation must include credit card information. We will not charge your credit card if you are paying cash or corporate check. But we do require a valid credit card number.
Why is the amount charged different from the amount I was quoted?
Your rate quote is based on the information provided at the time your reservation was made. Additional charges can result from changes to your service during your trip, such as extra stops, waiting time, or extending the duration of your charter.
What is included in a wedding package?
Our wedding package includes complimentary Champagne or sparkling cider. Upon request we can offer red carpet service , or "Just Married" signs. We offer Multi-car discounts if you book 3 or more vehicles. The chauffeur is there for you and to serve your needs, so additional stops and changes to your schedule within your rental time can be made at the last minute with no additional charge.
How will I find my driver at the airport?
We meet our passengers at the baggage claim area with a sign bearing the last name or company name of the traveler.
What if my flight is early or late?
We monitor all commercial flights and check timings, so whether you arrive late or early, our shuttle or sedan chauffeur will be waiting for you at the designated meeting place.
How would I reach you in case of emergency during my travel?
We have live personal service on our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide an 800 number for your convenience.
What are your hours of operation?
We service your travel needs any time of the day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all holidays.
Does my time start at the pick up time?
Your reservation starts from the time you are picked up and ends when you are dropped off, unless your pickup location is outside our service area. If this is the case, we will notify you when you make the reservation.
How should I tip?
An automatic 15-18% gratuity is included. Our chauffeurs do certainly appreciate additional tipping for amazing service!
How are confirmations handled?
A confirmation of your booking will be e-mailed to you showing the dates reserved, times, pickup instructions and amount due. Please verify the confirmation and notify us of any changes and/or corrections.